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Handmade for you

At AlphaWhips, you will find a wide selection of Nylon and Dacron Bullwhips, Snake Whips and Stock Whips, All hand made to order with the utmost attention to detail!

Advanced Design

Each design is extensively tested, fine tuned and refined, every time it is made


Quick ship, beautifully made whip and has a lovely look, I enjoy the snake pattern. It is so light! I am used to leather, this is a lovely change, it's very light in the hand I will have to get used to this one. I would gladly shop again, thank you!


Je l'adore ! C'était ma première commande ce ne sera certainement pas la dernière.


Once again I received an actual dream come true. If you haven’t worked with this man you are making a huge mistake. I own three items he has built and all are way beyond expectations. Chris is an amazing human and even re-built a whip that was over 800$ usd just cuz I didn’t like the color (actually my own mistake as i was not clear in my request) He is a true gentleman and has customer service that you wish everyone had. Im definitely eager to work with him again. His final product has been absolutely amazing every time we have done business. Chris if you read this, i cannot possibly give enough thanks and praise. You are a treasure!!!!!


This is the second pair of whips I ordered from AlphaWhips. Chris is a pleasure to work with and the whips are beautifully made. They are well balanced and throws very smoothly.


Gorgeously crafted, perfectly balanced, and handles like a dream. I’m so happy with the final result, especially given how few artists offer this specific color. Quality craftsmanship and incredible customer service. The whip was finished and shipped to me way sooner than initially expected and it arrived ahead of schedule. Chris was super kind and lovely to work with and I hope to purchase from him again.


Absolutely awesome whips. I hate to say it, but I'm a convert. I though I loved my Kangaroo bullwhips, but these are something else, and your crackers are absolutely astonishing.

The Unicorn

A small work of art is nothing more to say.


I absolutely love the 32 plait snakes I have of yours! The fluidity in them is incredible and your braiding is fantastic! Have a good one, and thank you for your hard work!