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The stock whip is the tool of choice for whip performers around the world, built around a fiberglass foundation for the handle, with a half plait 12 strand handle and a 10 plait keeper loop secured with a tactical cord french grapevine knot.
The butt of the handle is finished with a weighted pommel and a 9x8 pineapple knot with the remainder of the decorative knots on the handle being made using 275ib nylon tactical cord.

the thong is 12 plait over a 10 plait belly and a naturally falling core. the thong has a swell just off the keeper and tapers down from that swelling point in the same fashion as the traditional Australian stock whip does.

the thong is decorated with a 9x8 pineapple knot matching the two knots on the handle keeper. The fall is either twisted nylon or a hand plaited Dacron or Dyneema fall depending on your choice.

The length of the whip is measured only by the length of the thong itself, between the keeper loop and where the fall begins.

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