How to Order

Below is a guide to the ordering process for all whips, both from the in stock page and for custom made items. as always, if you have questions, feel free to email me.

In stock

Ordering whips from available stock is simple, simply select the desired item from the "Whips in stock" page, add it to the cart and then place the order using the desired payment method, ensuring your details are entered fully and correctly. the item will then be prepared and sent right to you.


Custom made items

Ordering whips made to order is also a relatively simple process. the top bar of the home page features a range of different models to choose from, inside these menus are the plait count options for those items. Simply select the desired model and plait count to be taken to the item details page. There, you can select through that model's available options and colours in order to create your perfect whip. the page will display the price of your whip with the options selected before payment. Once the desired options have all been chosen, simply add to cart and then make your payment in the usual manner for the item and it will be made to your chosen options and then sent to you upon completion.

Please remember that all custom made items are made in the same order that the orders for them are received, and are subject to the waiting list Here 

At the bottom of this page is a full summary of whip patterns, handle patterns and colours available for use on your custom design. These are the main stock colours and so, it is possible to use others so long as we are able to source them. If you wish to inquire about an alternative colour, just contact me and I can check availability.

Main Pattern

The main pattern of the whip refers to the sequence of colours used for the handle and thong of your whip and not the decorative knots. The knot colours can be chosen separately from the main colour to give you full control of your colour selection.
Single Colour Pattern
Single Colour
Chevron Pattern
Chevron Pattern
2 Colour Viper Pattern
2 Colour Viper pattern
3 Colour Viper Pattern
3 Colour Viper Pattern
3 Colour Milk Snake Pattern
3 Colour Coral Snake Pattern
550ib Milk Snake Pattern
Milk Snake Pattern
Rainbow Pattern
Rainbow Pattern

Handle Pattern

The handle pattern controls how the handle area is plaited, and not what colours are used. different handle patterns can be chosen based on visual appearence or the level of comfort to you during use, whichever is desired.
550ib Nylon Single Diamond
Single Diamond
550ib Nylon Double Diamond
Double Diamond
550ib Nylon Herringbone
550ib Nylon Birds Eye
Birds Eye

550ib Nylon Paracord Colours

Below is a summary of the main stock colours for the standard 550ib nylon paracord lace used for most 12, 16 and 20 plait whips.
550ib BlackBlack 550ib Graphite
550ib WhiteWhite 550ib Yellow
550ib Orange
550ib Red
550ib Teal
550ib Dark Teal
Dark Teal
550ib Blue
Royal Blue
550ib Purple
550ib Neon Green
Neon Green
550ib Cream
550ib Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
550ib Dark Brown
Dark Brown
550ib nylon Tan

275ib Nylon Tactical Cord Colours

Below is a summary of the main stock colours for the 275ib nylon tactical cord lace, which is used for 24 and 32 plait nylon whips.

275ib Nylon Black
275ib Nylon Blue
275ib Nylon Cord White
275 Nylon Tan
275ib Nylon Purple
275ib Nylon Red

Dacron Colours

Below is a summary of the main stock colours for whips made out of flat braid dacron lace.

Dacron Black
Dacron Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Dacron White