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The Alpha Series Nylon Bullwhip is very much the finest of all alphawhips nylon whip designs, with every effort placed into every part of their construction.
Each one of these whips is a rare and major undertaking to produce and feature the use of everything that I have learnt as a whip-maker.
The 32 plait overlay sits over a 12 and 24 plait set of bellies, both plaited in fine 275 tactical cord and set to precise mathematically positioned locations throughout the whip.
Between these layers are sinew and dacron foundations, formulated to provide easy precise control of the whip with little effort.
These whips are naturally weighted and built over a spring steel handle foundation, the way that these are built mean that no additional weight needs to be added for the whip to function perfectly.

The fall is a 6 plait dyneema design with a convenient cracker loop at the tip to make changing crackers easy and to prevent them slipping off.
The pommel is lead weighted and finished with a lovely 9x8 3 pass pineapple interweave knot. The transition is decorated with a 7x6 2 pass pineapple interweave knot. The whip is waxed to protect the finish and fitted with a dyneema cracker.
Each whip is fitted with a cracker which is suited to its type and length.
This whip design and construction is unique to alphawhips and can be extensively customized.

The length of the whip is measured from the pommel to the area where the fall begins, it does not include the fall or cracker.

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  • 32 Plait, Alpha Series Nylon Bullwhips
    32 Plait, Alpha Series Nylon Bullwhips
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