About Us

Chris Portrait, Owner of AlphaWhips
My name is Chris. I am originally from the United Kingdom and am now based in Cologne, Germany.
I first started out with whips at the age of 21, after being handed one by a friend during an outdoor cracking session and instantly becoming hooked!

Having always been a keen martial artist and also enjoying the times spent in the crafting and woodworking classes of my school days, I eventually decided to have a go and see if I could produce a whip myself.
The first whips, a pair of 16 plait 6ft bullwhips in black nylon cord eventually evolved into many other types of whips over the following year. These started out with bullwhips and then through snake whips and eventually onto stock whips.
These days, I make whips out of a variety of materials, including the standard 550lb Nylon paracord and 275lb tactical cord, as well as Dacron. Each of these whips are designed, made and tested each time they are made, and checked for any potential improvements that can be made onto the design. 
Additionally, feedback from customers also influences the design process as well, in an effort to continue improving all designs as much as possible.

The whips that I make come in a wide variety of models and lengths, which range from small 2ft indoor snake whips, all the way out to long lash whips exceeding 16ft in length. The range is continuously evolving, as existing designs are improved and new ones are created.