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The pit viper is a fun, unique new model by alphawhips, with a fun twist. Instead of a traditional single fall and cracker like a normal whip, these terminate with a pair of short nylon tails which are formed from the 4 plait termination of the thong of the whip. This creates a different cracking sensation and sound.

These whips are made with a tapered lead and nylon core, bound with a specially designed artificial sinew foundation. Made at a length of 3ft, 16 plait, with a shorter secondary dacron foundation for additional control.

The handle pommel is lead weighted and finished with a 9x8 pineapple interweave knot and a convenient miniature loop for easy storage. The whip is waxed in paraffin to protect the finish. Each pit viper is fitted with two crackers. This whip design and construction is unique to alphawhips and can be customized. The length of the whip is measured from the pommel to the area where the two short falls begin, it does not include the falls or crackers.

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    16 Plait, Pit Vipers
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