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The Sport Series is a specially adapted design of nylon whip suited for those seeking a whip with the lowest amount of weight possible, while also greatly increasing the handling quality.
These are made entirely with 275ib nylon tactical cord, which is then finished in a narrow tip and then finished with a plaited dyneema fall.
This design is very well suited to fast whip cracking routines and is more flexible than the larger and stiffer Alpha and Performance Whip models.

The length of the whip is measured from the pommel to the area where the fall begins, it does not include the fall or cracker.
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  • 28 Plait, Sport Series Nylon Bullwhips
    AlphaWhips 28 plait, Sport Series Nylon Paracord Bullwhip, 6 feet long. with Dyneema Fall, In black, red and white viper style pattern.
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