Alterations to Traditional Snake Whip Designs.

Greetings to all! 
In keeping with How i like to continuously improve and tune designs over time. I will make a major alteration to how these designs are made, Involving both 16 and 32 plait variations. 

Previously, these were produced using a naturally weighted core, and then 3 bellies were plaited to build up the shape of the whip. 
While this works quite well, it does remove the ability for me to fully control the whips weight, and in keeping with the fact that I generally prefer snake whips to have plenty of weight and also maintain the ability to adjust this weight per build, Ill instead take the design back to how I originally produced them. 

This will take the form of building up a lead weighted core, and then plaiting a single belly over this, under the overlay, Placing sinew and dacron foundations between these layers. This in turn will also improve the balance of weight off the handle into the fall when creating the design at longer lengths, especially for those involving Dyneema falls.

Additionally, it will also allow me to be able to later make the level of weight loading in such designs selectable by clients when placing custom orders, which is an option I am currently considering making available.

As always, feedback is always appreciated with these, or any other models so i can continue to improve these!
Thanks again!


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