Website Launch!

At Last! 
It has been several months in development alongside fulfilling whip orders, with an ever increasing need for a standalone website, is finally live!

Previously, most of the business was conducted on the Etsy selling platform, which served as a fantastic and simple way to launch what was essentially a micro sized little business hand making whips for customers during my time in the U.K.

Over time, this became more challenging and also more expensive, given the ever increasing weight of fees that were being charged over this period, which got to the point of representing very poor value. 

The decision to build this site was taken quite some time ago, initially triggered by increases in these fees. With the urgency of the issue being made greater over time by additional fees and forced paid advertising. 

So here then is the result...
The design of the page is intended to be simple, while providing a greater degree of ability for clients to fine tune the design of any type of whip to the greatest extent, right away using the option selectors. 
The in stock section is also built for simplicity, with a single page displaying all of the in stock items that are available at any one time.
This page will of course be updated whenever an item is completed or re made, in the case of the popular items.

On the home page is a "how to order" section. This section has a full set of instructions for making orders, both for in stock items and also for custom made ones. Below this, is a full complete summary of patterns and available colors for each type of available material, with further details beneath the color segments on how to configure your desired colors.

The "whip care guide" contains a simple set of instructions on how to take care of your whips, alongside some useful information about caring for the hand plaited fall options that form one of the options for customization.

The "waiting times" page displays the approximate period of time untill a new custom order would be started on between order placement and the start of the project. While it is not a guaranteed guideline and can change depending on the number of orders, it does provide a rough guide as to how long to expect it will take for an order to be fulfilled.

So there you have it, and I want to thank again everybody who has purchased my work and thus, made this a possibility!



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