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The Baby bullwhip is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor sport cracking and target work. They are light and fast which makes them ideal for high speed routines and techniques which involve rapidly changing direction.
they are made using a more traditional build technique featuring a plaited belly and naturally falling nylon core, combined with the sinew and dacron foundations to further improve the performance standard.
This model is available in both 12 and 24 plait varieties.

These whips are made with a tapered nylon core over a spring steel handle foundation and an 8 plait belly. The core and the belly are bound with a specially designed artificial sinew foundation. The handle and transition section is then reinforced with a shorter secondary dacron foundation over both layers for additional control.

By default, the 12 plait nylon options are finished with a twisted nylon fall, while the 24 plait tactical cord options are finished with an integrated plaited fall of either dacron or dyneema.
All of the detachable fall options can be changed quickly using a special loop and can be used with a wide variety of attachments by the user.

The handle pommel is lead weighted and finished with a 9x8 pineapple interweave knot and a convenient miniature loop for easy storage. The handle transition is decorated with a 7x6 pineapple interweave knot.

The whip is waxed in paraffin to protect the finish. Each whip is fitted with a cracker which is suited to its type and length.
The length of the whip is measured from the pommel to the area where the fall begins, it does not include the fall or cracker.

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